Welcome to the official website of Anhui Jinyuan Household Arts Co., Ltd!

                Anhui Jinyuan Household Arts Co., Ltd

                Products using green production materials, hand woven high-end craft home, outdoor home based.

                We are a team full of responsibility and passion for customers. We are good at innovation, sincere cooperation, sincere service and advocate win-win, so as to ensure that we can meet the needs of customers in the fastest time, the best service and to the greatest extent.

                Our mission:

                Build a first-class team, make first-class products and create first-class services; Pay attention to social responsibility, trust and respect every employee of the company.

                Our vision:

                Become a super competitive and international group specializing in the production and service of outdoor furniture.

                Our core values:

                People oriented, adhere to integrity, continuous innovation and pay attention to quality

                Our quality philosophy:

                International standardization management adheres to continuous improvement of quality and safety assurance to meet customer needs

                Our management philosophy:

                Put the selection and training of talents in the first place; Respect and trust every employee;

                Build a learning team and continuously improve the core competitiveness of enterprises and individuals through continuous learning; Adhere to principles and emphasize discipline; Concentrate and carry forward the team spirit.

                Our view on Employment:

                Have both ability and political integrity, take morality as the first, appoint people on the basis of merit and employ their talents

                Our ten criteria:

                Diligence and dedication, honesty and integrity, courage and loyalty, optimism and self-confidence, advocating learning, initiative, innovation and dedication, full of passion, attaching importance to cooperation and master spirit

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