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Welcome to the official website of Anhui Jinyuan Household Arts Co., Ltd!

Anhui Jinyuan Household Arts Co., Ltd

Products using green production materials, hand woven high-end craft home, outdoor home based.

  • What are the characteristics of hangingchair?

    What are the characteristics of hangingchair?


    There are still many places for hanging basket swing. This requires the forehead style and style you like and how to use it. In the living room, I can lie on swing chandelian and watch TV, on the balcony, I can curl up in swing chandelian to read magazines, or have a nap in the afternoon.

  • Effectively respond to new changes and challenges in foreign trade development.

    Effectively respond to new changes and challenges in foreign trade development.


    Foreign trade is an important part of China's national economy and social development. Based on the new development stage, implementing the new development concept and building a new development pattern, it is especially necessary for foreign trade to give full play to the carrier role of smooth factor flow, the driving role of promoting innovation and development, and the bridge role of connecting internal and external circulation. In this context, we should have a clear understanding of the new situation and new changes in China's foreign trade development during the "14th five year plan" period, deeply study and judge the new situation and new trend of international trade development, find out the main sources and deep-seated causes of risks and challenges, and actively explore new ways and new measures to promote the better development of foreign trade, which is of great significance to stabilize China's foreign trade and foreign capital base and realize the strategic goal of becoming a powerful trading country, It is of great significance.

  • What are the common materials of wooden crafts?

    What are the common materials of wooden crafts?


    Wood crafts are mainly made of redwood, pine, fir, camphor, sandalwood / sandalwood, Tung, rosewood, peach, maple, birch, elm, boxwood, Phoebe and basswood. After different processing, there are machine-made, hand-made, semi machine semi hand-made, simple design, different styles, natural color, novel and unique, is a Chinese style handicraft. Wooden crafts not only have appreciation value, but also practical value.

  • What are the key information of the international logistics industry digital development report?

    What are the key information of the international logistics industry digital development report?


    On May 25, 2021 new international logistics ecological summit was held in Shanghai, and the report on the digital development of international logistics industry was released at the meeting. The report is jointly organized and released by Shanghai International Shipping Research Center, China Communications Information Center, China International Freight Forwarder Association and where to transport it.

  • China

    China's market and the world's opportunities


    China's large-scale market will inject strong impetus into the world economic recovery.
    With the economic recovery, the consumption demand of China's super large-scale market has attracted attention. General secretary Xi Jinping stressed: "China's development is an opportunity for the world, China is a beneficiary of economic globalization, and a contributor." China's development provides a rare opportunity for all countries in the world. An important aspect is that China's recovery of consumption demand provides a broad market space for the world.